What is Priorities USA Action?

Priorities USA Action has been created by Democrats and it has a purpose of protecting country’s core values and oppose the Republican political ideas.

Priorities USA Action

Priorities USA is designed to create advantage on president Obama’s reelection campaign. Priorities USA Action is president Obama’s Super PAC.

It consists of following priorities.

Jobs and the Economy

It supports job legislation that will be able to build the base to prosperity in the future. This means that it is important to invest in clean energy, innovation, buildings and infrastructure.


Tax cuts should not favor big companies and corporations. Billionaires and millionaires should not pay lower tax rate than middle class. There should be no heavy burden on middle and lower class tax payers.

The Judiciary

Because two Supreme Court appointments are at stake, we should not appoint leaders who have strong policy against middle class, homosexuals and abortions.

Income Inequality

All of the economic policies should be based on opportunity and fairness.
There is no place for tax cuts for the wealthy citizens.


Education is one of the most important investments for the future. All of the future policies related to education should strengthen community colleges and public schools. Higher education should be affordable for the children of all American citizens.

Health Care

Health care should be affordable. The people with pre-existing conditions should also support the requirements to cover the health insurance. Parents should be able to carry health insurance coverage of their adult children until the age of 26. Prescription medicines should have lower costs. All of the consumer protection acts should stay and they cannot be changed.

Right to Choose

All women should have a right to choose. All of the programs and assistance at the federal level should stay. These programs should provide necessary and critical health services.


It is a national priority to protect our water, air and Earth. It requires a national commitment. Some of the radical politics are trying to abolish the E.P.A. We should oppose them. There should not be any oil tax subsidies. Oil companies cannot be allowed to drill in fragile and precious ecosystems.

Climate Change

We should all believe in Science. Earth climate is changing and it is all because of the human generated pollution. Pollution should be limited in order to stop global warming.


Because of the Republican energy policies, Americans depend on import oil. This is influencing the efforts to introduce green energy. America should be committed to independence in energy. There should be many new jobs in the field of clean energy and resources.

Social Security

Republicans propose complete privatization of the social security system. We should oppose this and strengthen the current system by reform in the reform in this field.

Homosexual Issues

All of the Americans should have equality, dignity and freedom. Gay Americans should not be discriminated in any way.

All of these priorities show Democratic values and they are going to play an essential role in the 2012 USA presidential election. The voters will have different opinion on these issues.

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